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Talent AI:
Recruiting with AI

Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Talent AI


Finding the right talent is a challenging and time-consuming task. That's why we developed Talent AI, your AI-powered hiring assistant designed to revolutionize the way you recruit. With Talent AI, you can use the power of AI to:

  • improve your hiring process
  • save valuable time and resources
  • reduce bias​​

Talent AI features at a glance

CV-Parsing and CV understanding

AI-based Analysis of CV and Job Descriptions


Talent / Job Matching

AI-based questionnaire creation and evaluation




AI-Analysis of CVs and Job Descriptions

Talent AI reads and understands CVs, it then identifies all fields and content, in seconds! It uses the advanced capabilities of our state-of the art LLM.

Watch TalentAI in action:​​

CV Analysis

Comprehensive Candidate evaluation

Talent AI understands the capabilities of a candidate by applying advanced LLM technology. It evaluates skills, experience, education and certificates of the candidate to create KPIs, a strengths/weakness assessment and a general evaluation.

Talent Matching

AI-Based Talent Matching algorithm

Talent AI compares candidates' skills, experience and education with the job requirements. It even creates a match-score in order to find the best talent for each job:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

AI Evaluation of a talent

Create Questionnaires

Job based individualised questionnaires

Create tailored questionnaires for candidates to further assess their capabilities and suitability for the role. Each questionnaire takes into account the job description, can be tailored to a specific skill to be tested and can be designed either with multiple-choice or with open questions.

Questionnaire Analysis

Let AI analyse the answers

Talent AI analyses the open questions responses from the candidate and takes them into account to evaluate a candidate. Thus, the match score is much more accurate.

LinkedIn Integration

Download all your job offers plus candidates

You can import all job offers you posted on LinkedIn into Talent AI. Together with the job offers all talents who applied are also imported, with all their LinkedIn data (skills, work experience, certificates, languages, etc).

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